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Rap & Hiphop

Celebration - Deezy
We Got Em Mad - OOF
Smash - OD
Keep Pounding - Offbass
Falling - Liam East
Rock & Punk

Rock, Indie & Punk

Scum - The Hand Off
Real Mutha For Ya - Band of Brothers
My Love - Liam East
Another Life - Roux
Jimmy Had A Gun - Billie Leigh

Pop & Electronic

Electric Cowboy - Hello Carolina
It Hurts To Be A Girl - Billie Leigh
Sweet Affliction - Jamie Frye

Country & Folk

Nothing Beats Loving You - Avner Clark
Leaving With Me - Shook Lane
Grissel Tail Road - The Ya Yas

Metal & Hardcore

Wacko Jacko - Zombie Gutz
A Prayer For The Broken - A Conquering Soul
Dreadnaught - Dudeboat

Gospel & Celtic

This Night What A Night - Carol Anne Hartman
The Swan - Stones Throw
Rap & Hiphop
Pop & Electronic
Country & Folk
Metal & Hardcore
Gospel & Celtic

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