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The Studio

Mixing and Mastering with Recording Studio in Hickory, NC

What we do.

At Figure Media, we have done a whole lot of recording and producing for artists of all genres. We take pride in our work and the audio quality that leaves the studio. We can assure you that our number one priority is to capture your best performances and give you the highest fidelity of mixes.

All music that leaves Figure Media is fully mixed and mastered to streaming, radio and CD quality levels. Note that mastering is not mixing. Mastering is the post-production of your tracks. We take extra care and attention to polish all tracks that come out of our facility. There is no need to send off your music and pay any extra cash to be mastered if you record with us. We handle this for you with our state-of-the-art mastering plug-ins.

Gear Highlights

Here is our "too-long-to-list" list of gear. Feel free to reach out to us about specific needs.


Pro Tools

Fl Studio

Pro Tools Recording Software


Scarlett 18i20

Art Pro MPA II

Recording Interface Scarlett




Blue Microphones Recording Studio


Orange Amps


Orange Amps Recording



Neural DSP / GGD

Tone King Neural DSP

Let's get started

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