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Turn your sound into a work of art

Welcome to the best home-format audio engineering and production studio on the Eastern side of the United States. But don't take our word for it. Let our years of experience and music catalog speak for itself.

High-profile clients we've worked with:

Recording narration with Eugene Brown
Recording with MTV Made
Recording legend Pop Clyde Ferguson

What our artists have to say:

Let's get to know you.

My name is Ryan Conrad. I am the owner, operator, engineer, and producer of Figure Media Recording Studio based out of Hickory, NC. I've been recording in some sort of form or fashion since I was a teenager back in 2002. I build relationships with my artists and get to know each of them on a personal level. I am here to give them the best product they can possibly get based on their talents and vision. I take a realistic and ambitious approach to each and every project. 


I pride myself as a professional with reasonable rates at the highest quality that meets today's industry standards. We provide, arguably the best home-based engineering and producing skills on the Eastern side of the United States and we have years of experience to back that up. Listen to some of our work to see for yourself.

Figure Media is about helping bands and artists sound and look good while giving them an affordable and intimate studio experience that larger studio environments simply can't live up to. Lets achieve your musical goals and build a lasting relationship.


Recording Studio with Ryan Conrad
Recording Engineer Ryan Conrad

We are wildly diverse.

Speaking your music language.

If you think we might not have covered your style in the past, or you're concerned that we don't have the experience in your genre...chances are you're mistaken.

Get in Touch

939 Bowman Ct.

Taylorsville, NC 28681


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Upward and onward! We will be in touch shortly.

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